How to Be Your Own Life Coach

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Growing up most of us weren’t taught about basic psychology or how our minds work. We didn’t get a direct education to help us learn how to transcend the negative emotional states that hold us back from our dreams and aspirations. There are simple tools and strategies that you can learn to help you find the happiness and inner peace needed to create the life you deserve. In this workshop, you will explore three common ways that your mind blocks your happiness and success without you even knowing it. Discover how to transcend these blocks with one simple strategy that you can use for a lifetime. Learn to rule your mind, so that it doesn’t rule you! With 21 years of study and research in Spiritual Psychology and 17 years of working with clients, Life Coach Cheryl Bartlett is eager to help you to get out of useless negativity, worry, stress, guilt, fear, and frustration and live life to the fullest.

*Note – This is not a course for Professional Life Coaches (please see Life Coach Certification Training if you are looking to build a thriving career in this booming industry)

To register for How to Be Your Own Life Coach Wisdom Workshop through Colorado Free University – class is on hold until Spring of 2019.