It’s time to break up with

the ego’s bullshit

are you ready?

You’re Amazing

Because You’re Right Here, Right Now

Demanding a Better Life

You’re dedicated to living the life you came here for. One that’s filled with

more meaning, more joy, more fulfillment, more fun.  


You’re ready for this journey call YOU

In fact, you’ve been ready for like ever.

And You’ve Been Trying

You’ve rolled out that yoga mat, read piles of self-help books, posted the motivational quotes, visualized your epic life, meditated, listened to the Ted Talks and filled your mind with all the wisdom you could get your hands on.

You give deeply of yourself and you truly care.

You feel like you’re doing all the things to live your brilliant, best life.

But no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to get there.

Every time you think you’ve made a real breakthrough or solved a problem

…emotional triggers bombard your mind again

Totally Hijacking Your Bliss.


You Wonder…


Why are my relationships still so friggin’ challenging- will it ever end?

Why won’t people just listen to me, appreciate me, approve of me?

How do I build meaningful relationships when there is so much arguing going on? 

Why do I always end up feeling alone, trying to fix others that I can’t fix? 


Why do I never have enough time in a day to get even a fraction of my to-dos done?

How do I manage all this crap, will I ever get caught up?

 I’m tired & overwhelmed. I need more time – help!

When can I rest and rejuvenate – instead of hustling into even further exhaustion?


Why the heck am I still scared to let the “authentic me” out of the bag to shimmer and shine?

I’m tired of people pleasing, shape-shifting and selling my soul to win the approval of others to try to belong so why do I keep on doing it anyway?.


Why don’t I have the financial freedom I need for peace of mind, I try so hard?

How do I stop the grueling thought “I need more money” that incessantly chants in mind a gazillion times a day.  Every. Flippin Day?


Why does life balance still seem like a pipe dream after all the self-help and spiritual work I do?

How do I get more adventure, more fun, more time off to play? 


Why do the worlds affairs still piss me off?

Things break, people are rude, the govt sucks, the weather never does what I ask it to do ~how do I find peace among the chaos? 


Why won't that gut-wrenching story that "I'm not enough” loosen its death grip.

I’m not pretty enough, handsome enough, smart enough, strong enough, motivated enough. I’m too tall – too short – too fat – too thin – to ugly – too pretty- too old – too young -too rich – too broke – too this – too that… how do I stop this insane mind? 

And why the heck does everyone else seem to be crushing it while I’m just spinning in circles?

At your core, you know that something is missing on your self-empowerment journey.  Somewhere inside you know that all the pain, conflict and suffering that’s holding you back can be transcended so you can step right into the role of the Rockstar Superhero you truly ARE.

You know there are answers. Answers that work. And you are here to find them.

Because deep down you know you’re kind of a big deal. You know you deserve an epic life and you have been trying like hell to get it, but you feel like you’re spinning your wheels with the ways you’ve been trying.

Without solid direction we have a tendency to fill our lives with self-help, spiritual, and motivational paraphernalia.  We plaster inspirational quotes and messages all over our homes, on our social media and the bumpers of our cars.  We devour endless podcasts, books and training’s to follow in the footsteps of the leaders we admire but when it comes time to actually live this power… and BE THAT power day to day, problem after problem and trauma after trauma is another story.

It’s hard.  Really hard.

I’m going to tell you something sad, but true – studying all that juicy material and staring at your vision board trying to will your best life into existence is never going to work. 

Your dream life is not just going to appear to you on a silver platter just because you thought about it a lot.  I’m sorry, it’s just not.

You’re tired now of waiting (and waiting) for the quick-fix-surface-work to work. You’ve realized that they will leave you bogged down and trapped in this quagmire forever because when it comes to the deep emotional power you need to breakthrough to the life of your dreams, they will never cut it. never. ever.  

Lasting happiness comes from going deep within, to the places that light work can’t touch.  

And here’s the real truth bomb, so sit down, take a deep breath, and hear me out.

Most people will never reach their goals or end their emotional suffering because they are not willing to invest in deep change. When it comes to a solid commitment to break up with their unfulfilled life, to do what it actually takes to breakthrough those deeper barriers, most people bolt>>>running right back to the quick-fix-surface-work that seem easier>>>right back to their old habits, their old ways>>>right back to the small, stressful life they despise.  

If any part of this feels like you then this running has to stop. Now.

You are stronger than you think.

You are greater than you can ever imagine.

Yes, Darling… You are more. Much More.

That’s where I come in.  I know how to help you get yourself out of this abusive relationship once and for all so you can step into your unlimited potential and unlock your superpowers. (Cause that’s MY superpower 😉

Can I get a hell yes?!

Rule Your Mind So It Won’t Rule You

Living In The Sweet Spot

This 6-month intensive, one-on-one coaching and training program is designed to teach you how to take back control so you can live in the sweet spot.  Together we will stare down the fear that has been chasing you back into your old habits time and time again so you can finally step into the new and incredible you that you dream to be and never look back!  

This is not some LOOSEY GOOSEY, content-lite coaching method that feeds you a lot of woo-woo talk but leaves you with very few applicable skills.  

My mission is to put myself out of business by giving EVERY one of my clients the skills and strategies they need to take on any challenge they may face with authenticity, power, and grace for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!

Now listen LOVE, it’s not your FAULT!!  



We don’t run from the deep work because we’re bad or stupid or because want to be victims (duh) – it’s just what your ego and thousands of years of biological programming have taught us to do.  (Thanks a lot, Evolution.)

Here’s the thing, that crazy ego in our brains is a stalker that will follow us around to keep us trapped in a state of constant fear (you’ll learn why in your first training- woot woot!). It tells us we need to be afraid of deep change. Surface change & toe dipping work, sure that’s o.k. But jumping into that unknown, that epic life that is your birthright…the stalker says HALT! nope. nada. not gonna happen. get back to the fluff work kid.  

Now when we allow the stalker to run our lives we are actually allowing ourselves to be slaves to this primitive programming. We are slaves to stress, strife, suffering, living small and ultimately staying stuck. (minus a few ah-ha moments here and there).   

We humans may be wired by our primal brain to buy into this fear of deep change, the fear of our true power to have the life we dream of and deserve. But I’m here to tell you that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY IT!!!

You see the problem isn’t in this stalker, the problem is that you haven’t gone deep enough to know HOW to take your power back, so the problem is actually IN YOU!  (But so is the amazing, powerful, kicking-ass-and-taking-names superhero you know you are, so don’t freak out!)   

This is EXCELLENT news because what this really means is that YOU are in control, not the stalker! And doesn’t that make your inner control freak sing?  Finally!  Something you CAN control!  Let’s do this thing!

If nothing you’ve done so far has changed your life maybe now is time for you to take a look at yourself and make that change…? (I may have just quoted Man in The Mirror, but I like it! Thanks, Michael.)  

I want to teach you how to overcome all this ancient programming, so you can be free to choose love, compassion, and kindness instead of feeling powerless. I want you to have every one of your divine wishes come true.   

This kind of freedom is your spiritual birthright, baby!  Let’s go get it!

How different would your life be if you had the right tools to go deep and not let the stalker hijack your life all the dang time?

What would you be able to do if you no longer had to listen to your damn monkey screeching lies about guilt and shame at you all the time, trying to keep you small and feeling less than?

Big things?  Huge Things?  Change the world revolution-style things?!  (Good!  We need some more of that light-seeking, awareness-bringing energy in this upside down world we live in.)  

Let’s be honest – that’s why you’re here, right?  Because you believe in beauty and love and healing!  You’re a badass trying to do badass things and I want to give you the freedom to do just that!  

Cheryl’s commitment to planetary enlightenment is a sight to see!  I am so blessed to be a part of her efforts to empower myself and thus mankind.  Cheers to AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS! 

Eilleen D.



So, if you’re tired of living with a mind that can take you out at any moment – without warning, then you need to keep your booty in that seat and read through this program carefully!  Because this could be the thing that changes your life for good!

  • Do believe that other people or circumstances are the cause of your pain stress?  (Hell is other people?  OR something like that?)


  • Have you ever wondered why useless worry, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, and petty grievances run on repeat in your brain when all you really want is simplicity and peace of mind?   (It’s enough to keep you in bed with the covers over your head and a pint of Haagen Daz.)
  • Can the issues of health, money, time, politics or other people’s actions sometimes get the best of you? (Uh-oh, not a good look on you.)


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions I am SO glad you’re here!  I want to help you stop the madness so you can show up in your life fully present – instead of a manic, slightly neurotic, self-obsessed, kind of out of control mess.  You in?


Listen, If I can do it so can you…

Over twenty-five years ago I was a completely different person.  I was running an interior design business and making a name for myself.  I was young and at the top of my industry, winning awards and working on multi-million dollar homes. From the outside, looking in I was the poster-child for happiness and success.  

I had everything I had ever been told I wanted, but my emotions were a complete disaster.  No matter how much I got I couldn’t find the peace I was looking for.  I was angry, frustrated, run-down and trying to fill a deep void with a bunch of crap that wasn’t working.

Then I got the tools that would change my life forever. I learned to trust my intuitive knowledge and follow the kind of big thinking that could stir my soul and change my life.  But first I had to face the darkness inside. I had to tame my inner beast.  I had to break up with my inner Bullshit.


And let me tell you – that is no easy task!  


But what I found on the other side was a life where I was finally, and for the first time, truly free.  My life today is a life I never could have dreamed of!  Not a life without challenges but a life free from constant suffering.    


Now I want to share that gift with you!  


We are all born dreamers and creators but statistics show that few of us ever achieve this dream and I wanted to know why!

So why should you listen to me?

I’m Cheryl Bartlett, Inner Peace & Consciousness Coach, and I have spent 20+ years researching every nook and cranny I could find in psychology, physics, spirituality, and philosophy to find the answers to these questions and many more.

During my 20+ years of research and client case studies, I’ve discovered the blocks that our primal brain uses to keep us enslaved. The very blocks that hold us back from our deepest dreams.  

I have been thrilled to share these results with thousands of people throughout the years and now I’m over-the-moon excited to share them with you!

“Cheryl’s profound expertise, authentic concern, and rock solid strategies allow me the opportunity to enjoy meeting my personal and business challenges without feeling overwhelmed. Cheryl is a true delight who makes the steps to success a process I can look forward to instead of one that I am afraid to invest my time and money on.”

Wendy E. 


Living in the Sweet Spot

This 6-month intensive one-on-one coaching program is unlike anything you will find out there today. I provide 100% personalized training AND individual coaching because, from YEARS of doing this, I know that one-on-one is what WORKS. You don’t have to worry about fighting for facetime in a group or trying to apply a generic one-size-fits-all program to your life.

Here’s how it works:


Immediately after registration and payment, you will receive a welcome packet from yours truly in your inbox. Within 48-hours you will get on your first introductory call with me, where we’ll discuss:

  • Intentions for our journey together over the next 6 months.
  • Confidentiality and the importance of creating a safe space.
  • What to expect during this process.

Month One - Education: Core Happiness Training

In order to make the most of your one-on-one time, it’s important to have a solid foundation and understanding of exactly how the brain works and what we are up against. I’m going to teach you everything about your brain that you never learned about in school:

  • Just how much your brain is doing without you and how to get it back under control.
  • How you’re programmed to make things seem a heck of a lot harder than they really are.
  • Why we run the other way RIGHT when we’re starting to get somewhere.
  • How the ego works, why it works the way it does, and how to put it back in its place.

(Why don’t they teach this stuff in kindergarten?  It’s only fundamental to all human happiness but – whatever.  It boggles the mind.)

During your first month, you’ll get three mind training video modules that you can watch on your own time.

In this powerful Core Happiness Training series, I teach you exactly how your brain is hard-wired and soft-wired so you can understand:



Why your brain is programmed to default to emotional stress and suffering

and why you fall back into powerless states of mind-such as negativity, frustration, anger, hate, worry, fear, guilt, shame, grief, loneliness, confusion, uncertainty, scarcity, burn out, feelings of abandonment, worthiness issues, disappointments, never feeling like you’re enough, never thinking you have enough, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. (Good Grief, where did I put that Hagan Daaz?)


The specific and sneaky ways your brain hijacks you into believing in its neurotic con game.

Your monkey mind is an evil genius and takes you for insane, stressed-out rides (that you never asked for!). We will look directly into the psychological structures that hold your brain’s emotional struggles in place AND learn how to crumble each one of them with methods so simple, it will shock you (in a good way, I promise)!


How and WHY you will inevitably encounter resistance to change

and the strategies to push through. I’ll teach you why it’s SO FUCKING hard to do this work (goodbye guilt and shame!), why 92% of people quit and why it seems so much easier to revert back to the old life (Believe it or not it’s easier to stay miserable and we’re wired for easy).

It’s a lot to take in, so I invite you to take the time to process the information and watch the videos over again until it clicks. This is your foundation so you want to make sure it’s strong.

And Dont Worry

you will have a 30-minute session during the first month so I answer any questions you may have and make sure you understand and are completing the video training.


Months 2-6 Coaching: The Good Stuff

After completing the MIND Training you’ll start your 1:1 coaching in month 2 and continue for the next 5 months. This is where the magic happens!

During this time:

  • You will have two 60-minute private coaching calls every month to process the specific stories that are holding you hostage in a prison of your own design.
  • UNLIMITED email access to me between sessions so you can stay connected and engaged in the journey.
  • You ALSO get 2 additional 20 minute S.O.S. calls for when life happens (you know it will!) and you need a check-in that cannot wait!
  • A Mindset Miracle Message via email or text every week to keep you motivated and centered.

And as if that’s not enough…

  • I want to give you my journaling and mediation tools for FREE so you can use them throughout this process.
  • Plus you’ll have access to our private Facebook membership group free of charge for 6 months after the program ends so you can get ongoing tips, tools, and a community of supportive, like-minded souls to connect with.
  • AND 6 Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls to keep you on track after our one-on-one sessions are completed.

It will get scary and you will want to run like heck and it is my job to gently remind you that the crap you’re running from is way less scary than the crap you’ll be running back to, but I want to be clear that you are in charge of the process the entire way.  You will never be pushed further than you are willing to go.

Ok, so now you might be thinking…

I can’t do this.

This sounds scary and hard.

I’ve done this kind of inner work before and I just KEEP getting TRIGGERED!  It’s not going to work!

But that’s what your monkey mind WANTS you to think!!  In fact, your ego is counting on it.

Here’s the thing.  Yes, it will work for you.  Because I’m going to give you the RIGHT tools to get you there!  If you’ve put in the work and lasting happiness still isn’t yours – you’ve never been given the right tools to get through the hard part. 

Happiness is in us. It is for us. ALL of us.  We are meant to be living fully and abundantly every.  Single.  Day. You just might not be there… yet.

Look, if someone told you to build a house but gave you nothing but IKEA instructions and the piano tuning tools you would waste a stupid amount of time, money and energy trying to build something that just kept falling apart over and over again every time you sneezed.

After watching it collapse at your feet a few times you might think, “Sweet baby Cheezits! I’m terrible at building houses!”

But you weren’t given the right tools or training. How could you be expected to succeed?

That same goes for your emotional and spiritual well-being.  You can’t build the life you want without the necessary tools.  

A lot of coaching programs want to tell you that you can do the hard work with a bunch of fluff and puff – but fluff is not going to cut it when you’re going up against a lifetime of familial patterns, cultural expectations and social systems that have all agreed on who you are supposed to be for eons! 

That’s why we are going to do things differently.  

Buckle up, Buttercup, because with this program we’re gonna get on the highway and go full speed ahead into the darkness.  

We’re gonna ignore the detours and exit signs and make a B-line to the darkest, scariest parts of you.  These are the parts that are calling the shots without you knowing it.  These are parts that are holding you back from making the progress you want and getting the happiness you crave.  

Because I have traveled down to the darkness and come back again, I am prepared to stand with you and bring you back better, more grounded, and more authentically fulfilled in every area of your life.   

Believe it or not, we will be laughing straight to the gates of hell and back!

And the sweetest part is once we’re done you’ll never have to feel the way you do right now ever again.  You’ll have everything you need to take on ANY challenge that you may face – for the rest of your LIFE! This ONE method can be applied to ANY and ALL challenges you may face FOREVER!  Hallelujah!

(See what I mean when I say I’m going to put myself out of business?  I sincerely hope I do!) 

So, now you have some choices.

Option One

You can do what 92% of people do and just give up and go back to the grind. Keep your head down and accept that suffering is the price you pay for breathing and just get on with your life. (Not recommended.)

Option Two

You can continue to dump money, time and effort into trying to solve all the problems with fluff and platitudes hoping that eventually, something might stick. (But you know that hasn’t been working right?)


I’m going to offer you another choice.

The Braver Choice.

I’m going to offer you the opportunity to do the deep, soul work that will change your life forever!  

This program is simple but it is not easy.  Easy doesn’t get you where you want to be.  If this stuff were easy everyone would be running around blissed out and euphoric all the time.  

This stuff is hard, but it’s critical to becoming part of the 7% of people who are living their best, most authentic life.  

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it has to be painful!  

After working this program for over two decades and I have been able to streamline the process to get you where you need to be as quickly and as easily as possible (notice I didn’t say quick and easy?) while still being tough enough to bypass the ego’s Vulcan death grip holding us back.   

Don’t get me wrong, this is going to be some of the most joyous work you’ve ever done.

Like running a marathon, or building a house, or giving birth – it’s going to be hard, you may want to give up at times but when you succeed, when you come out the other side – the relief, the joy, the pride, the beginning of the rest of your life!  It’s incredible.  It’s indescribable. And it’s so totally worth it!

Together we’re going to pull back the curtain and reveal your ego for what it really is.  And when you’re able to finally look the truth in the eye and see how ridiculous it really is – you’re gonna laugh.  And then we’ll get the hell outta Oz.

You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers.

What happens when I click the button to sign up?

When you click the button to enroll in the program you will be taken directly to PayPal to make your payment. As soon as your payment goes through you’ll receive your Welcome Packet to help you start to focus your mind on the journey in front of you.

I really want to work with you but can't afford to pay upfront. Are there payment options?

YES!! I want to work with you too! It is my mission to spread this message far and wide regardless of economic limits. That is why we offer to split the payment into two smaller payments of $799.

(And if that is still too much for you I want you to schedule your FREE 30-minute call with anyway! You’d be amazed at what we can get done in 30-minutes!)


When you say 30-minute coaching call - do you really mean 30-minute sales pitch?

NO!  Absolutely not.  I believe in honesty and transparency! I would never bait and switch you like that!  We do talk about the program because I believe in it and its ability to transform lives SO much I have to share the word!  But we also talk about you, what you’re struggling with and how to move forward.  Even if you don’t hire me to walk with you through the fire you will leave this mini-session feeling great and with a few more tools in your toolbox. No one has ever hung up feeling like they were just pitched to.

Do I get to keep the training modules?

You own the 3 MIND Training Videos forever. They are yours to keep and go back to anytime you need a refresher. What makes this program unique is that we are not standardized. I cannot create universal content because the program is ultimately about YOU!! And your life and your struggles – I can’t really put that in a workbook. BUT what we can do is record all your coaching calls for you (ONLY if you choose to) so you can review them anytime you get stuck in the future.

Is there a guarantee?

No. We don’t need one! We get results!

But what if I hate it?

This has literally never happened.

EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GETTING when you sign up for Rule Your Mind:


Welcome Packet + Personal Introductory Call With Your Personal Coach

($175 Value)


3 Video MIND Training Modules

($799 Value)


30-minute Clarity Call With Your Coach During Mind Training Month

($150 Value)


10, 60-minute Private Coaching Sessions

($2,500 Value)


Unlimited Email Access To Your Coach for 6 months

($2,000 Value)


Weekly Mindset Miracle Messages

($199 Value)


2 Emergency S.O.S Calls To Your Coach During Your Program

($170 Value)



FREE Journaling and Meditation Tools

($399 Value)


FREE 6-Month Membership To Exclusive Facebook Group

($195 Value)


FREE Continued Online Group Coaching Via Facebook Group For 6 Months

($1500 Value)

That’s over an $8000 value.

Your Investment: $1799 or two payments of $799.


Why? Because I want to make it really, really easy for you to say yes to YOU. 

Because I honestly believe that this kind of deep work can change the world and I want to get it to as many people as possible.

So, let’s go – because I know that we have important dream-making, world-changing work to do together! (This is gonna be SO good!)

There is no program in the world that will protect you from all life’s challenges, but I want to give you the tools and strategies you need to be empowered as you face the world each day. I want to help you cultivate a core of strength and the peace that comes from knowing you can maintain your equilibrium and navigate the natural ebb and flow of everyday life with grace, ease and yes… unbridled JOY.

No matter what comes your way – you got this!

You’ve had the power all along, my dear…
Ready to click your metaphorical heels and come back home to YOU?